Accelerating LA Collective’s growth through data-driven customer relations

15 Jun

Data science

With one in five Americans making online fashion purchases at least once a week, capital-efficient customer acquisition and retention are critical to the growth of an online fashion retail startup. LA Collective, one of Atidiv’s clients, understood this and was seeking a data-driven solution not only to multiply its user base but also to manage the growing number of customer relationships.

Based in Los Angeles, LA Collective is a $1M+ fashion brand incubator that has developed popular athleisure lines in partnership with celebrities and influencers. As of writing this post, the company has 1,200+ daily unique visitors to the website and 173,000+ social media followers. To help LA Collective achieve its growth targets, Atidiv assisted it in managing two critical functions: media operations and customer support.

Media Operations – increasing user base by 3x to 200k, achieving 1.5x+ return on ad spend
With the brand gaining popularity, they needed to structure their media spend allocation. This meant devising a strategy for their Facebook ad manager, continuously monitoring their campaigns, and increasing return on ad spend (ROAS).

Atidiv staffed an experienced media-spending specialist to assist the LA Collective team with strategy, campaign creation, targeting, and optimization. Specifically, we scaled up the existing campaigns that had done well, updated the campaign targeting parameters to reach out to a wider audience and increase conversion, and through daily reports monitored what worked and what didn’t. We also assisted in launching a new brand that included audience prospecting, campaign creation, messaging and optimization.

These efforts culminated in a 3x increase in their user-base to 200,000 in only 30 days, a consistent 1.5x+ ROAS across all campaigns, and 2.5x+ ROAS for the new brand.

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Customer Support – setting up CRM, achieving a customer satisfaction score of 92%
To keep pace with the rapidly growing customer base, LA Collective needed to streamline its sales processes, structure its customer support workflows, and build a robust customer relationship management system. This also required an efficient solution for sales support on chat and email.

“It is very important to LA collective to have a full understanding of who our customer is. We examine their purchase behavior and pull data related to their age, demographic & geographic location to better serve our customer needs. Atidiv helped us engage with our customers, making them feel that they are a part of a journey and lifestyle that goes beyond the physical product.” – Karl Singer, CEO, LA Collective.

Atidiv helped setting up LA Collective’s CRM to track all customer conversations in one place. We also had our team members assist with customer chats and emails, and in setting up issue trees, templatized responses, daily reporting, and weekly performance check-ins. Our efforts resulted in a Customer Satisfaction Score of 92% and a response time of <9s.

Atidiv continues to help clients globally accelerate their growth by setting up and efficiently scaling their most repeatable-predictable processes with a dedicated team equipped with data science. As we enter 2019, we plan to aggressively expand our team and the portfolio of our services to serve our clients better.