Atidiv celebrates the start of a new decade

02 Aug

Data science

The beginning of 2020 is the start of a new decade for the world and also marks the end of Atidiv’s 10th year of operations. Turning 11 as a company presents us with an opportunity to reflect on our journey thus far and share with you our vision for the next 10 years to come.

Our journey
When we began in 2009, we looked to address an existing gap in the market. We developed expertise in capturing, cleansing, structuring, modeling, and analyzing data to help companies derive the most value from the information they collected.

Our focus on data and its applications has also helped us develop multiple competencies in managed services, including media operations, customer experience, and content moderation. We used this expertise to –

  • Partner with an online marketplace save $2M+ through a custom data science-driven performance monitoring toolkit
  • Help a $500M+ digital media buying platform manage customer relations, handling 80k+ tickets at 99.99%+ accuracy

Companies can use this data to arrive at various conclusions, based on how they see and use it. For example, customers from a particular area might show a preference for a product category in a particular season. Companies can offer their other customers from the same region in that season targeted promotions and thus trigger higher conversions.

We entered 2019 aiming to develop new competencies to cater to the expanding needs of our partners, particularly in the realm of media-driven performance marketing and media operations.

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Atidiv in 2019
With talent acquisition being a high priority, we brought Peter Rodrigues on board as Manager, Talent Acquisition to oversee the company’s overall recruiting and sourcing mission, vision, and long-term strategy.

We also added Juzer Tambawala to the team as AVP, Engineering to lead our Data Engineering and Data Warehousing verticals. He was joined by Ram Shankar Yadav as Director of Engineering to lend his considerable technical expertise to the team.

We also spent the year using our existing and new competencies to –

  • Help save $300K+ for an US-based omnichannel skincare brand by building an automated business intelligence and reporting system
  • Provide QA support to a social media advertising platform, saving it $500K+ by resolving 4k+ discrepancies across 8k+ campaigns

Further, we made consistent efforts towards incorporating Atidiv’s core values into our day-to-day operations and instituting a high-performance culture.

Our vision for the future
The importance of data for businesses continues to grow, spawning multiple use-cases which have helped technology-enabled businesses find ways to scale more effectively. In 2020, we will continue to leverage our data science expertise to support growth-stage business with process expertise and data-driven solutions to achieve their objectives. We will continue to take steps in the coming years to pursue our goal of “reaching higher”.

Our journey would not have been possible without the active support and feedback of our clients, the guidance and wisdom of our friends, and the immense passion and dedication of our team. I express my deepest gratitude to you for being a part of our journey, trusting us with your business, your career, and your precious time and effort.

Thank you for your support, and wishing you and yours a wonderful new year and decade to come.