Celebrating Independence Day at Atidiv

02 Aug


August 15th is an important occasion in India, as it was at this time of the year back in 1947 that an Indian government took control over the entire nation for the first time in modern history. Celebrated as India’s Independence Day, the occasion is a national holiday and an opportunity for citizens to celebrate and take pride in the country.

At Atidiv, we used the day to not only acknowledge and celebrate India’s struggle to gain freedom from colonial rule, but also as an opportunity to come together as a team and have some fun. With this in mind, we marked the eve of India’s 72nd Independence Day at our office in Pune through events and competitions organized by the Atidiv Fun Squad. Their brief was clear – get the 400+ employees of Atidiv in Pune excited while paying tribute to the occasion.

The first was the Tricolor Theme competition. Atidiv employees were expected to come clad in at least one of the colors of the Indian flag. Around 300 Atidiv employees came dressed for the occasion, but Pinki Das and Vikram Chavan outdid them all and were declared winners of this competition.

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The second event was a group activity, the Bay Decoration competition. Atidiv teams were expected to decorate their respective bays to celebrate India, and rose to the occasion in colorful fashion. After much deliberation, the Quality Team was adjudged to have won the competition.

Thank you to the Atidiv Fun Squad for organizing a lovely day celebrating India, its independence, and working together.