Proprietary toolkits to unlock value across the business lifecycle

02 Aug

Data analysis

As companies go through four growth phases, they face certain challenges which can be resolved by adopting data centric approach. Companies which address these challenges proactively are better positioned to sustain and drive growth in business.We at Atidiv have developed proprietary toolkits which can be customized to specific businessrequirements easily. These have been developed based on our expertise working with 50+ clients globally over last 7+ years.

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Inception Phase : During the inception phase, when a business has locked down a sustainable business model, they fail to institute a KPI-driven system to assess each business unit, governed by data. We see companies talk in terms of words, and not numbers. In such cases, an automated KPI reporting toolkit is utmost necessary, giving the management team a top-down overview of each business unit, real-time

Rapid Growth : This is the phase when organizations grow fast or need to grow fast. Acquiring right customers based on targeted promotions and optimizing media budget is a critical enabler. Following data centric best practices will grossly reduce customer churn. Customer NPS can be a great tool in collecting feedback and identifying things which matter more to them

Consolidation : Business in consolidation phase focus on process efficiency. Businesses look to improve unit economics through supply chain optimization and inventory management. In this phase building customer and merchant score and customizing internal processes and service quality levels based on that can drive significant efficiency in the business

Maturity : Companies typically face issues to scale their internal tech to support data streaming, in the scale of terabytes (think Facebook). Businesses should work towards creating a personalized event-based architecture that spans marketing channels and interfaces to target customers better

This blog post provides a brief overview of selective toolkits and use cases when these can be deployed. In case you have any questions about these or would like to explore other toolkits please feel free to reach out to us.