The Atidiv Difference

15 Jun


There are a lot of “data analytics” options in the market, and sifting through the noise is difficult. Find out why Atidiv is the custom solution for unique and scaling data-driven brands.

“Data analytics” is a fashionable term, and every company wants to be a data-driven company. But what does this really mean, and when do companies have to up their data game to maintain real data-driven ethos?

Data Analytics 1.0

When brands are finding their groove – call it anywhere up to a few million in revenue – there are several approaches to analyzing data which are appropriate, useful, and relatively data-driven. Every brand – no matter how large it has become – has started with good ole’ excel plug and chug, taking data from several key sources and, through nothing less than heroic force, generating needed analysis through v-lookup tables that likely crashed excel at one point or another (or at many points…).

At this stage, several useful software tools come into play, including Lifetimely, Daasity, Peel, and more. These tools extract high-level data from your Shopify storefront, perform helpful and rudimentary analysis, and present such analysis in easily digestible visualization formats. For instance, understanding basic LTV by customer cohort is entirely possible with these tools

This is data analytics 1.0

Data Analytics 2.0

Now you are scaling, and revenue has exceeded $5-10mm. What makes a brand data-driven now?

The short answer is: much more than data analytics 1.0. Brands must cross-link data from dozens of sources, unify such data, and understand what is truly driving growth. Without this understanding, CACs may increase, LTV may remain stagnant, and repeat purchases may decline. Brands may plateau, and we see it all the time unfortunately.

data warehouse becomes necessary. So what are the options?

You have probably heard of a few, including Segment. Segment does in fact do a great job in building your warehouse – it is adept in ingesting data, cleaning data, and unifying such data to help brands drive better decisions.

So what’s missing?

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Atidiv – Data Analytics Custom.0

What’s missing is your secret sauce. What makes you unique as a brand? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of brands selling t-shirts. But your t-shirts are different, and that’s why your customers love you!

Well, not only are your t-shirts different. But your products are different. Your sizes, colors, and batches of t-shirts are different. Your product taxonomy couldn’t be more of a polar opposite than your t-shirt competitor. Your data is different.

So if this is all different, why stop at a generic data warehouse? You shouldn’t – you need a custom model built underneath the warehouse that recognizes and empathizes with your individual uniqueness as a brand… as a data-driven company.

This is where Atidiv steps in. We create a custom model to fit your individual needs and subsequently build on top of your data visualization tool (Sigma, Looker, etc.) to build custom dashboards that you will use everyday to drive critical insights and scale well beyond $10mm.

Economic Breakthrough:

Perhaps you’ve heard about data warehouses and data modeling, but you’ve also heard they are quite expensive.

It’s true… most will run you a minimum of $100K just to get started. It’s hard to budget for this high cost when the results are not tangible until your data warehouse is actually completed.

That’s why Atidiv is flipping the model on its head. We know data… we know how important it is to utilize a warehouse … and we know you will love our finished results.

So… Atidiv absorbs the cost of building a data warehouse + model and charges for your custom dashboards after everything is built. We are making custom data warehouses economical right away and betting you will love it.

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